Bike Messenger game


Bike Messenger game takes place in the of the famous city of San Francisco where you find Victorian houses, narrow hill roads, cable cars and Golden Gate Bridge.


The version of the game is intended for kids under the age of 13. The game it is fun and easy to control and has 4 levels of difficulty.


Delivery Bicyclist goes in the road of the famous city of San Francisco and delivers newspapers to people who are looking from their house windows. A user will avoid fast cars and cable cars on the road. The accurate number for delivering newspapers the higher user scores. As the game level advances. More newspapers are required to deliver and the more road obstacles user needs to avoid.


The player needs to tap on the houses to the left or right, indicating which direction the newspaper should go. When a player successfully delivers one newspaper, he will collect one point. As the game goes on to higher levels, there will be more people in each house. The player will have to tap more to deliver more newspapers. A player needs to avoid traffic by tilting the device to the left or the right.

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