Google Home vs. Amazon Echo Which one is better for you ?

By now with googles ads running every where you must have heard of the new Google Home. It’s the newest virtual assistant to hit the market. I have used Amazon Echo for the longest time and must say i was siked when i heard that google is finally coming out with its own VA!

So if you dont know yet they basically help you manage the smart devices you have in the house such as your lights, tv, speakers, garage doors etc.. Thats not all they help you manage your day with to do lists, weather and traffic updates, and allow you to listen to music/radio while your on the bed with out moving to change or navigate a thing.

So wich one is better you ask Google Home vs. Amazon Echo ?

Let me just say it has more to do with what you use in your daily life then specs and thats your preference at the end.

For example for me im constantly using google for all my daily tasks from gmail to Google calendar, to do tasks, you name it. So it fits right in to my need. It wouldn’t make sense to have a iphone but wear a android watch there just not compatible. Same with the VA if you use Amazon more then google then thats the best choice for you. But keep in mind one thing, Google is a much more sophisticated company with more things to offer such as faster and better search results and not to mention its growing network of products so more things will be compatible with it then other VA products on the market.


Good luck shopping!