How to Prepare for CES 2021

My Experience in 2018 CES and what i recommend others to do before going. My mistakes are for your benefit.

If you are media make sure you attend the first opening keynote will have amazing effects and show.

Also for media on the second day visit CES unveiled will give you run down on everything that won awards in the CES expos. Make sure you have interview questions ready, equipment and well dressed to be on many cameras. Go early so its not as crowded and can have better chances to hear the other person.

For the expo

Plan well before the expo, by looking at the schedule in advance write down all the discussions you want to go listen to so you can network with those with similar interests.

Most importantly try to learn where buildings are and make sure you have booth numbers written down and plotted by area so you can visit them in one sitting and not get lost in the sea of booths and buildings. You will not have enough time to visit even half of the buildings if you waste time speaking with booths you don’t need.

Get a place to stay near the building you have plotted to visit the most. So that you save time and money, not getting uber and lyft back and forth. Also keep an eye on Shuttles will save you money getting from one place to the other.


Don’t waste time for prices, long lines for giveaways are just a waste of time.

Don’t waste a lot of your time in the Keynotes they will all be uploaded online if your trying to reach the full expo and have limited time, otherwise yes go to them but make sure to plan what to do to as there are many!!

Follow CES and turn on notifications in twitter to be notified when events go on.

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