How to: Send and Receive Documents on WhatsApp

The popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp that just passed 7th birthday last Friday. Now refreshed with a document sharing feature that enable the users to share document with each other on chat. The feature is available for both Android and iOS.

With this update, it’s now possible to share documents easily, on Android the users can select documents from the phones storage, while on iOS documents can be shared from apps that support iOS storage provider extension like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive etc.

How to: Share Documents on WhatsApp?

Send Documents on WhatsApp

Say that you have a PDF stored on your iCloud Drive that you will like to send to a contact on WhatsApp.

  1. Tap on media picker on the left and select share document.
  2. From the list select from which app you want to share the document.
  3. After you are in the app just select the desired document.
  4. A pop-up box will appear to confirm if you want to send the file.

Right now the feature is only available for iPhone and Android users, but we expect that it will be available for Windows Phone users soon. The file limit size limit is 100MB. Try out this feature now and share your reviews with us in the comments below.

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