iOS 9.3 – All the New Features, Improvements to Expect

A few days ago, Apple released the fifth beta version of iOS 9.3. The beta of iOS 9.3 gives us a preview of what to expect from the final release, according to rumors, it will be officially launched on March 21. As we await the arrival of the final version of the new iOS, let’s take a look at some of the new features to expect in the update.

Apple Pencil


The first four betas of iOS 9.3 limited the usage of Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro, to only some applications. The decision has prompted speculation that the company would completely eliminate the support accessory in the final version of iOS 9.3. However, with the arrival of iOS 9.3 beta 5, the features have been restored. Despite the return of navigation features, users still complain that Apple Pencil needs improvement, such as the ability to work with Notification Center.

Night Shift


This is perhaps the most talked feature of iOS 9.3, both for good and for bad. The bad part is in the context of the account that Apple usually drowns out the use of third-party applications, just to launch its own similar app. Controversy aside, the Night Shift finally brings the feature that many users want: automatically adjusts the screen light levels to more pleasant colors to the eye. The Night Shift uses the clock and the geographic location of your iOS device to find out the sunset time in your city. Then it automatically adjusts the screen to warmer colors, more pleasing to the eye. In the morning, the screen returns to normal settings.

Corporate Restrictions

A new iOS 9.3 management function can make the operating system more restricted to business users. Documents indicate the arrival of a feature that will allow the application to crash on the main screen, preventing them to be deleted by users. The idea is that, for example, business users are prevented from downloading software that can compromise the security of company information, for example. Another possibility is the company’s e-mail locking into a single software, be it the standard iOS or otherwise, without the possibility that this setting is changed. embedded software can also be hidden, is to prohibit access or changes to your settings.

Improvements in Wi-Fi Assist


When Apple launched the Wi-Fi Assist feature, many users complained that their data was getting lost. The idea was to improve the usability of the iPhone by automatically switching between the wireless Internet and the mobile network in order to favor the navigation whenever there flashes the signal. However, in doing so, the action may end user data plan without him noticing. By launching the first beta of iOS 9.3, Apple has improved somewhat this problem by implementing a small counter below that activates the Wi-Fi Assist button. It serves to indicate how many MB of your data plan were used by the resource.

Other Fixes

Not all changes need to be ostentatious. Even the smallest of corrections can be considered amazing, from addressing small problems that can become big frustrations for users. The setting of notifications so that they actually appear in the Apple Watch, for example, it was something that users have been asking for some time and were finally met. The possibility to protect some more personal notes, such as details about your finances, medical information or sites logins, using a password or fingerprint is also a small big change that will be present in the next version of the mobile operating system.


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