iOS or Android – The Truth & Nothing but the Truth!

Why you should buy the iPhone Xr over any other Android phone including the one plus or poco F1!

Working with customers phones every day for the past 10 years i have realized that android phones in general had the most issues many being phones slowing down or over heating over couple months of constant usage.

iPhones on the other hand are so well built in software and hardware being manufactured by the same company they rarely had issues to the point were apple had to slow them down so people can actually upgrade. Thats how good they are over time, and not to mention keep a very good $ value unlink the galaxy phones that dip in resale value after being used.

Android phones on the other hand have diffrent entities creating hardware and software and if you ask anyone in design majority of the time thats a recipe for failure.

Now in this article i am not talking about features or specs etc Some might argue you can do way more on androids that is true, but is that always a good thing ? when do we really really use all those features and if we do whats preferred Apple who perfects its feature before releasing it to the public because it wants to maintain its premium brand or android that realises constant new features even if not perfected just to say they did it first! ..Some might argue ios is very simple and straightforward and that can be a very good thing and actually help in creating a better longer lasting device but thats a diffrent topic in this article im talking about reliability and phones lifespan.

So my opinion is that for consumers in poorer countries to actually go out and buy iphones over a android budget phone becasue although they have a cheaper price tag over time they are Designed to fail to ensure you continue spending everyone that knows the industry well has heard of planned obsolescence this is there business strategy. So if you really think about it spending $300-$400 on budget phones like the one plus or poco F1 every year is not better then spending $749 on a iPhone xr  that will last you for a couple years.

I do agree that apple could cut the prices to be more affordable, i also think that selling dongles for every little thing is ludacris but at the end of the day they are a business and have to make their shareholders happy as well.

I plan to do a experiment on this theory and try to put both android and ios to a test to see what device is actually better. I would love your feedback so please comment your thoughts and any pictures proof you have i can add to the video. you can also message me directly on my twitter account @JGTechBlog

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