iPhone Xr : Another Apple Boom?

iPhone X: Another Apple Boom?


Apple’s iPhone X finally went on sale Friday last week. Within 15 minutes, the main Apple site ran out of devices to deliver on November 3. Buyers will have to wait several weeks before ordering it online. Not to mention that only the first few people in front of the Apple stores have got their iPhone.


Tons of reviews have started to appear online, mostly to praise the product: “The iPhone X is clearly the best iPhone ever made” said Nilay Patel for The Verge.


The iPhone X changes completely the iPhone experience. For instance, buyers will have to adapt to the loss of the home button. A period of adjustment may be required for some owners, but it is really for the better, as Apple introduced one of the most cutting-edge smartphones.


The smartphone comes with an edge-to-edge OLED screen, wireless charging and a facial recognition security called FaceID. Although people were deeply suspicious about it, FaceID proposes a new and more convenient way to unlock the phone. It works well even in low light conditions because of the IR projector (flashlights). However, bright sunlight can create interferences with IR, making FaceID less consistent.


X’s OLED screen received tons of praise from so many reviewers: “Though the device itself is only slightly bigger than the standard iPhone 8, its screen is roughly the same size as that of the iPhone 8 Plus” wrote Steven Levy for Wired.


Apple promised the most cutting-edge technologies with the iPhone X, and it looks like they kept they promise. However, this new device is not for everyone: it is only for a power user. In other words, you may not need the iPhone X if you are not using your phone several times a day for many uses (photos, gaming, video shooting, web browsing etc.).  


The iPhone X will undoubtedly do well in the market (because it greatly matches consumer’s expectations). It may be the beginning of another Apple boom with a new super cycle of iPhone sales.


This was a guest post by Selim Chehimi, who has his own tech blog focused on Artificial Intelligence. Go and check it out at selimchehimi.com

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