LG G5 innovates more then the Galaxy s7 & iPhone 7

Lg G5 innovates more then the Galaxy s7 & iPhone 7

Samsung is following the footsteps of Apple, The galaxy s7 is really not much of a difference to the s6. And the more leaks about the new flagships comes out the more i have began to realize that they are not much of a big difference to their previous predecessors. And now it seems more likely that samsung like Apple are just milking there consumers to buy there devices with less and less changes actually happening in the phones.


The only major difference between the iphone 6 and 6s was the 3d touch, that allows you to hard touch on the screen and take a selfie, like who really even does that ? Now Samsung seems like it followed foot by only making a major difference in the s7 from the s6 by allowing the phone to stay on at all times and has a better camera, same design they did bring back the water resistant feature and upgradeable memory but still no unremovable battery ?? really samsung


Now LG has really done some innovating this time around with the G5, they completely redesigned the phone and most importantly left the ability to remove the battery intact as well as rock a amazing camera with with a pretty amazing metal body all around. Not as cool as the the new caterpillar smartphone with thermal imaging, but i doubt anyone really cared for that new feature anyway. Lets not forget that LG prices its phones lower then its competitors and i think that will give it a win over its competition the new HTC M10 that many are saying will be a top hit in 2016, lets wait and see who will win this battle. Stay tuned to the site as new information and leaks hit the market.

Addition: There are rumors that apple will launch a smaller 4inch iphone called the the 5se for a much cheaper price, if that is true, then apple is trying to climb back up the ladder before it hits rock bottom during its collapse in 2017 read the article about that here –> 2017 Apple Company Collapse

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