LG stylo 5 Vs LG Stylo 4


In terms of design, we have a confirmed 6.2 inch display with a 18:9 ratio reducing the bezels that are on the front giving more area for the videos and movies you can watch.

The design is very similar to the Stylo 4 Biggest difference we can see form the renders is that it will come in a silver or Platinum grey.

The camera and flash are connected in the back of the phone unlike on the stylo 4 they are separated.

Im crossing my fingers and hope that LG heard our 1st world problem last year when we complained about the material on the back of the LG stylo 4, it was terrible  as you guys can recall it picked up marks and scratches for simple just placing it on a table or in your pocket.

Other than that, the Stylo 5, like its predecessor, has the fingerprint scanner on its back, with the power button on the right and volume rocker on the left side.

The phone has a USB-C port at the bottom which is flanked by a 3.5 mm headphone jack, primary microphone, and a slot to house the stylus

Release date: July 10 Certain Markets July 15 All markets avalible 


OS Android: 9.0 Pie

Colors: Silver and or grey  

Display: 6.2-inch FullVision 

18:9 aspect ratio 

Resolution: 2160 × 1080

More responsive stylus

*Anticipated information based off of leaks and info from previous stylo releases and speculation. 

Confirmed Specs and all you need to know about the new  LG STYLO 5 – (Price,Specs,Release,Features)  This is confirmed info for the metro pcs variant and t-mobile .. cricket and boost mobile will be getting similar model but some different specs.

Fan comments :

I hope it’s got either a Snapdragon 632 or Snapdragon 710, 6GB of RAM, and 64GB or 128GB of storage. Also, let’s boost that camera to 16MP f/1.8, and give it a 3,800mAh battery.

If LG can do that, SD710 CPU, 6GB of RAM, 128GB storage, the same 6.2″ FHD+ screen, 16MP camera and a 3,800mAh battery, and have it cost $400 or less, then they have a viable competitor to other mid-range phones like the Pixel 3A, HTC U19e, or even the iPhone XR and Xiaomi phones.

It might also sway some people away from Samsung flagships, why spend $1200 on a Samsung, when this LG does 90% of what the Samsung does, but costs 1/3rd of the price?

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