Metro PCS Vs Cricket Wireless

Anybody who tells you one is better than the other is leaving out a very important detail. Where do you live and go?

Metro PCS and Cricket are basically the same in that they’re both an affordable sub brand.

Metro PCS is T-Mobile and Cricket is AT&T. Metro PCS offers 1 gig of data, plus unlimited voice and text for $30. Cricket offers 2.5 gigs of data, plus unlimited voice and text for $35.

So, the questions are:

Whose coverage is better where you live and travel: T-Mobile or AT&T? Only you can know where you go.

Do you need more data? If so, pay a bit more and go with Cricket.

I had Cricket for a while and it was great, but T-Mobile has better coverage where I live, and I don’t need that much data since I’m usually on wifi… so, I switched to Metro PCS and I’ve been pleased with it.


Benefits of MetroPCS – You can upgrade every 3 months! – No activation fees – No late fees – Amazing coverage -mobile hotspot w/ every plan (Cricket does not) -60 for unlimited!? Cricket is 70 and then 65 with autopayment