Are Moto Mods Really Worth It?

Marty McFly travelled to 2016 and had imagined a whole different world. Though his world is nothing like ours today, one thing truly is futuristic and that is modular phones. In 2016 two companies have made attempts at a modular smartphone. The better implementation of modularity was with Motorola’s Moto Mods that were introduced this year.

InstashareNow the Moto Mods work by clipping onto any phone in the Moto Z line through magnets and pins on the back of the phone. Now these magnets and pins are essential for data transfer and really allow them to do their job well and efficiently. Now to get a better understanding of what the Moto Mods have to offer here is a list of a few of them and what they can do.JBL

JBL Speaker Mod:

Now this is just as you expect it to be, it’s a mod that you can use to play music from your phone a lot louder. Now it’s not amazing, but it works well and has its own built-in battery so it doesn’t have to feed off of yours! The speaker tends to be a bit lacking in bass and for $100 I feel that you could pick up a Bluetooth speaker with better battery life, better sound reproduction and a louder volumeHasselBlad.

Hasselblad True Zoom:
This is a mod that attaches to the back of the phone and offers you optical zoom and a Carl Zeiss flash. It’s by no means amazing, but it’ll do the job if you really need an external camera attachment. In addition, there is no type of stabilisation included in the new sensor on the Hasselblad and the mod uses the phone’s battery, which consumes a large sum of the battery. The reality is that it is so expensive, but has so much potential.

Incipio Battery Pack:

This is by far my favourite mod as it offers you the opportunity to add about 2000mAh to your phone’s battery life. It works as described and is amazing. It’s probably one of the most realistic mods and is crazy useful. The biggest problem lies with the charging of the pack. The only way to charge theIncipio pack is through the phone itself as in you must charge both together as a unit. It’s not all bad, but it restricts you to only being able to charge it when you charge your phone.


Last of all is the Instashare Projector made by Motorola. Motorola designed a projector mod, which works well and is very well executed. It is amazing to use because it is reminiscent of the futuristic phone we all had dreamed of when we were children. That idea of having a projector built in. The problem with the projector is that the projector is 480P in terms of definition and is lacking in battery life as it runs out very fast. Another problem is the price as it costs over $300. That’s so expensive for a 480P projector.

Overall you can tell that the Mods are a great idea and in theory would be amazing for any consumer. But, the reality is that consumers can buy a camera, speaker, battery pack and projector for much cheaper, that sadly would work better. The idea for Moto Mods is great, but it should not be the main selling factor if you want to pick up the phone.