Prenatal Development Brain Development/ Sensory Integration.

Watching these children around us all the time make us wonder how fast they grow and
how smart they become. It’s all coming from the brain that begins forming very early in
prenatal life, just three weeks after conception. The first part of the fetus that’s being formed is
the brainstem and the brain is being developed from bottom to top, and from back to front.
Some important factors to get a healthy brain development are healthy nutrition and safe

Starting with one nerve cell at conception the neuron begins myelinations and
grow to form what’s called a synapse between each one of them, to end up with trillions of
them. In the article “What Have We Learned from Recent Brain Research?” Alice Nakahata
explains the development of the brain; she said, “Growth comes primarily from the connections
or synapses that are formed in response to sensations and actions of the infant after birth.
Synapse formation is ongoing and is especially rapid in the early months.” Therefore, we
understand the function of the brain development as a lifelong project that is based on
learning. Which indicate that “Learning occurs when young children have caring, responsive

adults and an organized environment rich in sensory and exploratory experiences.” If we
acknowledge the facts about the importance of exposing an infant to the right elements at an
early age, we would get a healthy brain development and more synaptic connections will be