SEMA 2019. Why didn’t you fly out to Vegas for this!?

SEMA is the United Nations conference of all things aftermarket, and here’s some of the best stuff we spotted is in the video.

The SEMA show is a giant gathering of automotive ideas and oddities. In this corner there’s a chair made from exhaust parts and spare time. Over here, smiling through broken teeth, a Dodge Challenger and the Nevada state trooper who made sure it was at the show. Down the another hall, there’s a motorcycle engine stuffed into a 1970s Honda. You’ll find just about anything at SEMA, and if you’re there, prepare to do a bunch of walking. There’s no shortage of aftermarket parts and wild creations. Which is why we happily escape chilly Michigan each November and travel to Las Vegas to explore SEMA.

The video is a roundup of what we saw here, there, and everywhere.

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