Why was CFO of HUAWEI Arrested ?? (ANSWERED)

HUWEI CFO Arrested

The reason is very simple and straight forward to make a point to the rest of the world that the US is not playing around when it comes to sanctions. Huawei is accused of allegedly violating American sanctions on selling technology to Iran. It wants to make an example of Huawei Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Meng Wanzhou who couldn’t even post bail even when her husband tried to put down $11millon! And her health is said to be deteriorating in jail with not good conditions. 

This is going to strain relationships between China and Canada and the US if she is extradited to the united states.  Washington and Beijing already have strained ties from the tariffs on the $200 billion goods that can slow the Chinese economy if put in place. 

This is all coming from the sanctions that was put in place against Iran. HUAWEI is accused of working and selling devices to Iran. 

This makes me wonder though, would this have happened if it was apple or samsung or just because HUAWEI and ZTE have bad relationships with the US from previous bans in the US after being accused of spying for the Chinese government. 

I personally have had bad experience with ZTE and HUAWEI selling thousands of devices while in retail and at many times had so many defects and returns. Here is the full video with my previous experience: 

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